The Benefits of Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

The Benefits of Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) has transformed how we communicate and exchange information. It’s a short-range wireless technology that enhances connectivity through a simple tap. You probably use it all the time but aren’t aware of it (think payWave or Google Pay). By using two NFC-enabled devices, you can efficiently exchange data in a secure and contactless manner.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, NFC has the potential to improve your day-to-day activities and operations significantly. Here are 3 key benefits that come from embracing NFC.


1. Greater Convenience

Convenience is king in today’s world. Businesses that deliver a convenient experience are rewarded handsomely, while those that don’t struggle. NFC provides convenience in many sectors, including digital payments, transportation and health care. Mundane and necessary tasks in these areas are reduced to a single tap through NFC.

Digital payments are probably the most well-known example of NFC induced convenience. Instead of using a traditional payment method, you can tap your smartphone over a payment processor to make a transaction. This eliminates the need to enter a PIN or sign a receipt. Best of all, you never need to carry any cards around because you can load and easily switch between them on your smartphone.

The most common payment services that use NFC are Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which are widely used worldwide. If you prefer not to use your phone, then you can use a card with built-in NFC. A good example of this is a Visa card with payWave.

Transportation and healthcare are other sectors that benefit from the convenience of NFC. Instead of using paper tickets, commuters can use a card or smartphone to commute and record all their travels. Doctors can keep better track of patient notes and easily exchange or make changes with less error, creating a more streamlined healthcare system.


2. Improved Efficiency and Customer Service

With greater convenience comes improved efficiency and service for both businesses and customers. Getting through the checkout line much faster increases customer satisfaction as you spend less time waiting in line and making payments. Simply tap, pay and exit. Businesses can also create NFC coupons that can be pre-loaded onto a phone so that customers can have better access to special discounts and deals. It also means that checkout operators no longer have to scan separate coupons, increasing efficiency.

Additionally, NFC can provide more information to customers about products and services. By simply tapping your phone over an NFC tag, you can obtain plenty of information on what you’re interested in. This helps in making more of an informed decision.

Operational efficiency improves through NFC as staff communication and real-time updates are enhanced. NFC makes it much easier for employees to clock in and out of their shifts, while managers can get a live update on what the team is doing. For example, a manager can tap their phone over an NFC tag to see staff availability or read updated notes on a recent meeting.


3. Enhanced Networking

Perhaps a lesser-known benefit of NFC is that it can help you make a better first impression and seamlessly network with others. That’s where the Qwerty Card comes in. By simply tapping your Qwerty Card onto someone else’s phone, you can exchange plenty of information in creative ways. This includes contact details, websites, social media profiles, images, videos and more.

Each card is linked to a powerful dashboard that lets you edit your profile at any time (without paying extra). You can even create different profiles under one card and switch between them to use in different contexts.

Another benefit is that the card can act as a lead generator. When someone receives your information through a tap, they can send their info to you — even if they don’t have a card. When this happens, it goes to your dashboard, where you can import it onto an excel spreadsheet.

As it becomes harder and harder to differentiate yourself from others, a Qwerty Card can give you the cutting edge through the magic of NFC. If you want to take your networking to the next level and connect better with others, it’s time to get your Qwerty Card!